“I always knew I liked working on cars. The Polytech not only got me the credentials I need to earn money, I have my tools and some college credit and professional experience so I am ready to go to work.”  - The Polytech student, Automotive Program 

 “At first, they were tough on me and I got in trouble for not showing up in my scrubs. Now, I have a job in a retirement home. Thanks for not giving up on me.” - The Polytech student, Healthcare Pathway 

 “I knew more about computers than most adults, and (my high school) English classes just focused on novels that I didn’t care about. I had to be persistent and to cc my parents on every email so my counselor knew I was serious when I asked for different classes. Finally, I found The Polytech. They listened to me and I got to take college IT classes  and now I’m certified as a Desktop Support Tech.” - The Polytech student, Business & Computer Technology Pathway