The Polytech offers many pathways to students, enabling them to tie meaningful career-based instruction to high school graduation requirements. Recognizing that students come to us in different phases of their school career and have varying aspirations, each educational program is curated by our Head of School.  We offer a variety of options and encourage you to discuss the possibilities with The Polytech staff before enrolling to determine the best way to meet individual goals and timelines.

Tuition and Courses for Credit for 2018-19



Amount of Credits



One school year or 3 college quarters

6 to 8 full year high school credits

Offers students the opportunity to earn credits in 3 basic slots of time per quarter through a combination of these options:

·       Courses taught at The Polytech using a small group and one-on-one instruction format. Polytech courses may be for high school or college credit, or both simultaneously.

·       College courses on site at a community college with support from Polytech staff

·       Supervised, individually-paced study sessions at The Polytech campus

·       Independent study and community-based learning experiences supervised by The Polytech staff

Each individual program will be determined through joint agreement with parents, student, and Polytech administration.


Any individual college quarter.

1.5-3.0 full year high school credits

$2,400 per semester, one time fee

Any individual college quarter. (Ask us about starting on an alternate date.)

0.5 high school credits (one semester) in a single subject

*May enable 1.0 high school credit for some college-level courses. Credit is based on 1 basic slot of time.

$500 per semester/one-time fee

Time-based community-based learning experience which may extend over 1 month and up to 6 months

0.5 high school credits (one semester) in a single elective credit with a P/F grade awarded

Opportunity for students to earn high school credits for meaningful experiences within the community, including but not limited to:

·       physical activities such as yoga, horseback riding, martial arts, skiing/snowboarding, weight-lifting, intramural sports, etc.

·       fine arts, such as singing in a choir, private music lessons, community arts courses

·       driver education

·       work experience, in either a paid or volunteer position

·       internships and externships

College credits earned generally translate to high school credit at a rate of 5 college quarter credits = 1.0 high school credits (full year). Talk with our staff to confirm the program and expected outcome for any individual student.

Additional Fees and Services



Description and Terms

$195/one-time fee

Enrollment and Registration Fee

Required of all incoming students - Covers all administrative charges for behind-the-scenes processes that are necessary to set up a program at The Polytech.

This fee is valid for a lifetime and students are welcome back at any time in the future for any reason.


Education Consulting

Records review, meetings, and written reports as directed by individual student needs, including but not limited to interpreting testing, assisting with school placement decisions, and representing the student at other meetings, including special education, custody, and disciplinary issues.


Career Assessment and Advising

Interest inventory and career assessment

Career advising and mentoring

Support through the job application process

Interviewing practice and instruction

Transitioning into the workforce









One-on-one academic instruction in English, math, science, social studies, Spanish and college readiness.

Instruction in study skills and executive function strategies to improve organization, test-taking skills, time management, and self-advocacy.

Support with career-based instruction in the pathways of health care, business and technology services, education, and engineering.

Note: When 10 or more tutoring sessions are purchased at one time, there is a 5% discount, dropping the price to $71.25 per hour.

$65/hour or $175 for full am session (3h)

Drop-In Tutoring on Saturday Mornings

Drop-in on Saturday mornings between 9:00am-12:00noon to get help completing projects, solving math problems or reviewing foundational algebra skills, organizing school materials and developing study priorities for the week, drafting or revising essays, completing required reading, and finishing homework assignments.

The Polytech provides a quiet, structured workspace and materials with instructors to facilitate homework completion on a first come, first served basis, and may include up to 8 students between 2 teachers. No reserved instructors and no long-term commitment.

All tuition and fees are due 10 days before the first day of the term, or immediately upon registration if enrolling later. The Enrollment and Registration fee is due at the time of agreement and necessary to hold a seat in the upcoming term.


Tuition and Fees for 2019-2020

Beginning July 1, 2019, tuition rates will increase as follows:

  • Full-time tuition = $18,900 per year or $6,825 per quarter
  • Individual courses = $2,520 per semester
  • All other fees to remain consistent with 2018-19 pricing

Students enrolling in 2019-20 courses who pay tuition on or before July 1, 2019 will be charged at the existing 2018-19 rates.