Our High School Program is available to any student seeking a WA State High School Diploma, regardless of age and credits earned to date. The first step for any student is to meet with Polytech staff to review transcript and formulate a plan.

Our overall schedule is designed to allow maximum flexibility for the student. We can accommodate unusual needs and consider both transportation and timing available to the student. In general, students fill 3 slots with classes at The Polytech or a college campus, internship or externship experiences, or another learning experience designed specifically for the student. There are multiple options available:

Polytech High School Classes:

We have knowledgeable and experienced faculty who are caring and provide instruction following standard college-prep high school curriculum. Classes are taught in small groups of up to 8 students along with one-on-one coaching and instruction sessions and supervised independent study time. This format prepares students for all types of learning environments, and helps students to be prepared for a professional career.

Students may spend all of their time at The Polytech campus and earn a diploma based entirely on high school credits, or combine time in several options to earn college credit, which also satisfies high school graduation requirements.

College Courses:

College courses may be taken at The Polytech, or at a one of our college partner's campuses.  Both options enable students to earn both college and high school credit from the same course and to select from a wide range of course offerings, both academic and career-oriented training, to match student interests and talents. College credits may transfer to a four-year university and degree programs.

Independent Community-Based High School Credits:

The Polytech awards high school credit on a Pass/Fail basis for meaningful community experiences. Examples include PE credit for playing on intramural teams or participating in martial arts, fine art credit for singing in a community choir, and work experience for paid or volunteer work. Contact us to determine appropriate activities. 


When students take college level courses, they earn college credits documented on a transcript from the organization issuing the credit, and also earn high school credit issued by The Polytech when transferring it in. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience advanced courses and also to satisfy high school graduation requirements at the same time. There are 2 primary options for students:

College-Level Online Courses taught at the Polytech Campus:

One way to help students earn credits and build confidence before taking an in-person class at a college campus is to earn credit online by working with Polytech faculty while remaining at our familiar location. This separates the academic challenge from all the other skills necessary to be successful. Our experience has shown this to be a good bridge for students who aren’t quite ready to transition to college.

Students completing credits with this option earn a college transcript with a Pass/Fail grade, and a Polytech transcript reflecting high school credit with a letter grade. As with any college credit, transferability is based on the receiving institution and we can share those colleges who already have articulation agreements established for these credits.

College-Level In-Person Courses taught at College Campuses:

Students attend regularly-scheduled college courses and earn college credit, which can be transferred back to The Polytech as high school credit as well. Polytech staff support students throughout the registration and orientation, then remain actively involved with case management and tutoring to ensure the student has appropriate support throughout their time in college.

 All college credits earned through any of these methods may transfer to a four-year university and degree programs.

All students can benefit from examining career and personal options both during and following high school. As part of the school's commitment to empowering students to be actively involved in their future life goals, all students who enroll at The Polytech as their full-time high school placement are automatically scheduled for these advising sessions. Other students may choose this service to explore strengths, preferences, and potential careers that utilize their best characteristics.  Our staff help students determine where they are now, where they want to be after graduation, and map out a plan to get there in a straight line. Too often students zig-zag through these decisions, with every zig costing time and every zag costing money. 

The career interest assessments used at The Polytech focus on several areas:

  • Skills - determining what the student is good at
  • Personality - determining the types of tasks a student likes (whether or not they have the underlying skills necessary to be successful)
  • Environment - examines factors such as noise level, amount of light preferred, and the need for outside supervision and prompting

Overlap between all of these factors helps identify options that the student has a high likelihood to have a successful experience and also include activities and a work setting that the student will enjoy. We also examine grades on the most current transcript and the level of education needed, helping to guide the student towards careers and college majors that will require additional training as well as entry-level positions for the student hoping to apply for a job immediately.

Students report greater confidence and engagement when they understand what they are working for and the direction they are heading. Parents express that their teens are motivated and more willing to share their positive experiences, some even noting that the student needs fewer reminders for routine tasks like completing homework. Every child is different, and this is why academic and career advising is so central to all that The Polytech offers. 

Many students need only a single course rather than a full high school program. The Polytech offers a convenient way for students to take a course not offered by their high school or make up a course previously taken without success.  Because The Polytech uses a variety of small group instruction, one-on-one sessions, and independent study formats, many students choose The Polytech when attempting a challenging course, knowing that they can have increased access to their teacher if they need additional review, tutoring, or any other supports. This format also allows students to accelerate their studies, making us a good option for those who have limited availability or are working on a tight timeline to show a course on their transcript.

Summer isn't the only time students take individual courses for credit! Both high school and college credits are available to take as individual credits. Talk with our staff about your situation and the potential options available to earn credit at The Polytech.


Reserving a consistent schedule with a Polytech teacher is a great way to boost skills and confidence to demonstrate your best performance at another school. Students may focus on a single subject to get support with assignments, review previous curricula, and preview upcoming content. The Polytech offers one-on-one tutoring in these subject areas:

  • English – all levels of writing, reading, and research
  • Math – Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Statistics, PreCalculus, Calculus, and math related to career pathways in Health Care and Engineering
  • Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Social Studies – World History and Geography, US History, Government, Economics
  • Foreign Language – Spanish
  • College Readiness – practice implementing the soft skills necessary for success in college, including how to read a syllabus, accepting criticism, professional dress, punctuality, keyboarding and technical skills, applying for financial aid and scholarship process, career search and assessment
  • Test Prep – SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, ISEE, many AP exams
  • Executive Function – organization, planning, study skills, test-taking strategies, time management, self-advocacy
  • Soft Skills - coaching sessions to help students prepare for college and career with direct instruction in topics such as social media presence, professional dress, how to give and accept criticism, etc.

In addition, our staff can assist with many college-level courses in the pathways of health care, business and technology services, education, and engineering.

Sometimes, it isn't possible to commit to a regular schedule or something unexpected comes up. Drop-In Tutoring is available for exactly this reason and provides a quick intervention that can help students overcome barriers and focus on incomplete assignments for the upcoming week.