When students take college level courses, they earn college credits documented on a transcript from the organization issuing the credit, and also earn high school credit issued by The Polytech when transferring it in. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience advanced courses and also to satisfy high school graduation requirements at the same time. There are 2 primary options for students:

College-Level Online Courses taught at the Polytech Campus:

One way to help students earn credits and build confidence before taking an in-person class at a college campus is to earn credit online by working with Polytech faculty while remaining at our familiar location. This separates the academic challenge from all the other skills necessary to be successful. Our experience has shown this to be a good bridge for students who aren’t quite ready to transition to college.

Students completing credits with this option earn a college transcript with a Pass/Fail grade, and a Polytech transcript reflecting high school credit with a letter grade. As with any college credit, transferability is based on the receiving institution and we can share those colleges who already have articulation agreements established for these credits.

College-Level In-Person Courses taught at College Campuses:

Students attend regularly-scheduled college courses and earn college credit, which can be transferred back to The Polytech as high school credit as well. Polytech staff support students throughout the registration and orientation, then remain actively involved with case management and tutoring to ensure the student has appropriate support throughout their time in college.

 All college credits earned through any of these methods may transfer to a four-year university and degree programs.