Will I like it?

We serve students of many different backgrounds and skill levels. Our goal is to provide a meaningful education program that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. Sometimes a pathway isn’t a good fit and that’s valuable information that we need to change the program. At The Polytech, we can do that quickly and rely on your feedback to ensure you are moving in the direction that is most valuable to you.

Can I afford it?

Yes. Investing in education at The Polytech gives up to two years of advanced studies.  Other students typically must wait until after graduating high school to gain access to this same training, which also delays their ability to begin earning at a professional wage or to enter a 4-year college with prerequisites already completed. Tuition covers not just high school instruction, but also college credits, work experience, credentials, and a deeper understanding of what the future holds.

The Polytech can save you time as well as money over the long term, and also provide support for critical career decisions. These programs are preparatory and not exploratory, meaning that students gain valuable insights into what the career entails instead of reading about it. Many have found that the future work environment is too distracting after taking a college course. They can channel their energy into related, but different, career pathways after gaining this insight.

Will I be successful in college?

Your success is our goal, and we have no intention of sending a student who isn’t ready. Before sending a student to college, Polytech faculty and staff determine readiness both academically and emotionally. We have classes designed to build all the soft skills necessary and to prepare students for these challenges. Staff continue to work with students throughout the transition by negotiating appropriate placements on their behalf and teaching students to advocate for themselves. We provide high levels of advising, coaching, and case management, and are prepared to make adjustments to any program as the student’s needs change.

Why do I have to take the College & Career Readiness Course?

To be successful in college, you need certain skills, knowledge, and experiences, and at The Polytech, you are expected not only to learn new skills but to do them as well.  Traditional schools may not prepare students for upcoming challenges as most of high school isn’t performance-based, so this class teaches all the skills necessary to navigate college successfully, to work well with other students in the program, and to communicate effectively with faculty. The most important thing is to learn what services are available and where they are located so then you can access those services when you need them, even if that’s after graduation. Plus, this class provides a placeholder in the schedule so we can meet on site at a college campus and use this time to get familiar with the campus, register for classes, and take any assessments necessary to enroll.

After taking this class, student feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the barriers it helped remove, and the insights that were gained in unexpected areas. We require that all students take College & Career Readiness to ensure you have the best preparation for success.

What types of students benefit from The Polytech?

Anyone can benefit from The Polytech, and we offer a neurodiverse-friendly environment. We often find two basic student types:

  • Those who are familiar with what they want to do after graduation and use The Polytech to accelerate their training. Often these students seek the most challenging curriculum available and by taking college courses, these students become the most competitive candidates for 4-year college and entering their career pathway as soon as possible.
  • Students who are uncertain about their future. These can be students who aren’t performing up to their potential, who have previously been placed in inappropriate courses, or who are disengaged from existing academic programs. We make high school meaningful by customizing instruction and offering many subjects that aren’t available at traditional high schools. Many students falling into this category reengage once they find purpose in their instruction.

What if I've already graduated?

The Polytech continues to work with students up through about age 26 to support the transition into college, career, and independent living. Some students check in regularly with tutors and educational therapists; others undergo career interest assessments to get additional help with choosing a major.  We can also support recent grads as they apply for jobs and enter the workforce.The Polytech also assists with developing essential life skills, including but not limited to getting a driver's license, culinary arts, financial literacy. Just talk to our staff and we will map our a customized plan.