Our High School Program is available to any student seeking a WA State High School Diploma, regardless of age and credits earned to date. The first step for any student is to meet with Polytech staff to review transcript and formulate a plan.

Our overall schedule is designed to allow maximum flexibility for the student. We can accommodate unusual needs and consider both transportation and timing available to the student. Classes are either one-on-one or small group instruction in person or online, and experiences can include internship or externship experiences, classes, or another learning experience designed specifically for the student. There are multiple options available, including many neurodiverse-friendly classes:

Polytech High School Classes:

We have knowledgeable and experienced faculty who are caring and provide instruction following standard college-prep high school curriculum. Classes are taught in small groups of up to 6 students along with one-on-one coaching and instruction. This format prepares students for all types of learning environments, helps students to be prepared for a professional career, and can accommodate neurodivergent and anxious learners.

Students may spend all of their time at The Polytech campus and earn a diploma based entirely on high school credits, or combine with college credits, which then also satisfy high school graduation requirements.

College Courses:

College courses may be taken online or at a one of our college partner's campuses.  Either option allows students to earn both college and high school credit for the same course and to select from a wide range of course offerings, including both academic and career-oriented training, to match the student's interests and talents. College credits may transfer to a four-year university and degree programs.

Independent Community-Based High School Credits:

The Polytech awards high school credit on a Pass/Fail basis for meaningful community experiences. Examples include PE credit for playing on intramural teams or participating in martial arts, fine art credit for singing in a community choir, and work experience for paid or volunteer work. Contact us to determine appropriate activities. 


Any combination of these classes and experiences enable The Polytech to issue a diploma once the student has met all gradaution requirements!