Congratulations! You've earned your diploma! But what comes next?
The challenges students face after graduation shift into less-structured daily activities and decisions that impact their quality of life both immediately and over the long term. Many students struggle to navigate this period of change in their lives and don't know how to break down a large open-ended goal like "moving out" into smaller, doable pieces that will lead to this result. 
The Polytech can help with this transition into adulthood by providing one-on-one guidance in many areas, including:
  • one-on-one academic and executive function support for students taking college courses
  • career, interest, and skills assessments
  • customized job search support
  • guidance for selecting a college major, identifying college and other secondary school training programs, completing the application process, and registering for classes
  • coaching through the process of disclosing a disability and registering for accommodations in school or the workplace
  • assistance negotiating and interacting with community-based services
  • strategies for transportation
  • budgeting and financial literacy instruction
  • nutrition and meal-planning, including earning a WA State Food Worker card
  • driver's license - learn how to drive in our driving simulator and practice in a wide variety of weather and traffic challenges. Get neurodivergent-friendly instruction to pass the written portion of the WA State driving exam to earn a permit
  • support with securing housing, planning a move, and maintaining a household
  • educational therapy and coaching to help students plan for and respond to social situations such as negotiating with a roommate and communicating with a supervisor or professor
  • additional life skills as needed