Offered on Saturday mornings between 9:0 0am to 12:00 noon, students may drop in for supervised support as needed. The Polytech provides a quiet, structured workspace and materials with instructors to facilitate homework completion on a first come, first served basis, and may include up to 8 students between 2 teachers. No reserved instructors and no long-term commitment.

Potential objectives include:

  • Completing projects already in progress
  • Breaking down projects into a smaller, more manageable schedule that the student can work on through the week
  • Writing rough drafts of essays in a quiet, distraction-free setting
  • Completing required reading
  • Solving math problems and reviewing foundational algebraic skills
  • Organizing backpacks, notebooks, and other school materials
  • Reviewing and revising written assignments
  • Building artistic components of projects, such as creating timelines, coloring maps, constructing collages, illustrating reports, etc.
  • Printing final drafts of assignments

Scheduled at a consistent time convenient for the student, The Polytech provides targeted subject-matter tutoring in these academic areas:

  • English – all levels of writing, reading, and research
  • Math – Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Statistics, PreCalculus, Calculus, and math related to career pathways in Health Care and Engineering
  • Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Social Studies – World History and Geography, US History, Government, Economics
  • Foreign Language – Spanish
  • College Readiness – practice implementing the soft skills necessary for success in college, including how to read a syllabus, accepting criticism, professional dress, punctuality, keyboarding and technical skills, applying for financial aid and scholarship process, career search and assessment
  • Test Prep – SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, ISEE, many AP exams
  • Executive Function – organization, planning, study skills, test-taking strategies, time management, self-advocacy

In addition, our staff can assist with many college-level courses in the pathways of health care, business and technology services, education, and engineering.

All sessions are scheduled with one teacher working with one student throughout the 50 minute session.