Want to Train for a Maritime Career that Pays a sustainable wage? 

The Polytech, in collaboration with The Port of Seattle and individual maritime businesses, is offering a training program to qualified 16–24-year-old adults at no cost to the student.


Opportunities include: 

  • High school diploma completion 
  • Driver's license instruction 
  • Food worker card 
  • Maritime specific safety courses: 
    • Personal safety 
    • Basic first aid 
    • Fire fighting

3-month PAID internship with local maritime companies 

Opportunity to continue in a full-time or part-time job following the program 

Open Houses both In Person and Online at Noon every Thursday. Click to learn more.  




What is The Polytech?

The Polytech is a unique opportunity for students in grades 11 and 12 to participate in customized instruction, community-college-based workforce education, and comprehensive case management services.  The Polytech graduates can earn a high school diploma, college credits, industry certificate, and work experience simultaneously, allowing for a seamless transition to adulthood, more college, and a successful career.

Conveniently located in North Seattle on a bus line, The Polytech provides a comfortable place for students to study, attend class, and receive guidance from mentors and advisors. By balancing the school schedule between The Polytech and community college campuses, students experience the best of each school setting, with each student following their own individual plan designed to address their personal aspirations, meet high school graduation requirements, and facilitate extra-curricular activities, including career-related experiences and internships.
Contact us for more information about how to integrate high school graduation requirements with meaningful workforce education that leads to a productive career.